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Peer-to-peer, end-to-end.

Unlike most video call applications, all video data in p2p.chat is sent end-to-end encrypted directly to the other participants instead of routing the data via a server.

Unique, secure rooms.

Rooms are generated by creating a unique encrypted hash of the room name, making room links effectively unguessable. Rooms created with the same name will be treated as separate rooms, keeping you safe from "call bombing".

Privacy first.

The only server calls p2p.chat makes are to a signalling server that helps you find and connect to peers. Room names, participant names and, most importantly, video data are never sent to p2p.chat. This ensures your data is secure and private at all times - if your data is never sent to us, there is no way we can monitor or track it.

What's the catch?

p2p.chat uses what is referred to as a mesh architecture, where each participant in a call sends their video data directly to every other participant. The downside of this is that it requires more CPU and bandwidth as the numbers of users grows when compared to more traditional video conferencing. However, for calls with a small number of participants, this is not a problem.


p2p.chat is a free and open source project. Contributions or bug reports are extremely welcome at https://github.com/tom-james-watson/p2p.chat.


For any help or feedback, please contact [email protected].

For press, or any other queries, please get in touch at [email protected].


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